Copper Kitchen, Bar & Rooftop

Average for two : Rp300,00

About Copper Kitchen, Bar & Rooftop

Copper Kitchen, Bar & Rooftop is a Seasonal Earth-to-Table dining experience. Food that embraces the depth of International-Asian culinary traditions and the skill and élan using locally grown and ethically sourced produce. It serves up natural and earth-friendly meals for today's conscientious folk. Dining options are an authentic and inspired blend of the flavours that have always brought people to Ubud. Food is thoughtful, featuring authentic and natural dining options with a generous amount of produce coming from its own permaculture farm, Bali's regional pastures, oceans and forests.

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Contact Information

Jl. Bisma, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali 80571

Meet the Chef

Chef Agus Pardiasa

Chef Agus Pardiasa

"I had started to enjoy eating good food when I was very young and ever since I’ve always wanted to cook my favorite dishes myself. I love the fact that we have our own land to grow our own produce, it makes it easier and efficient for the kitchen team to source produce grown nearby. Though it’s a real treat to be able to prepare food like this, I still enjoy going to the local market to keep myself inspired by the variety of fresh produce they have available there and to always keep my creative juice flowing in cooking."

Signature Dishes

Copper’s Beef Wagyu
Copper’s Beef Wagyu